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Delivering a press release

Idea for Fonterra
Fonterra were hungry for a way to communicate the progress and benefits of their mozzarella research to their stakeholders and the media.

We took all of the information that would normally go on press release and transferred it onto something a little more digestible - a pizza box.

We added a pocket to the box interior to hold tiered display cards with key information and designed a pizza slice shaped business card to act as an ongoing

Kicking goals for MediaWorks

Idea for MediaWorks
MediaWorks were looking to increase staff engagement with their annual goal setting.

The challenge was to sustain interest in the set goals over an extended period of time. Not easy, unless you turn the goals into a coin rugby game.

We designed and manufactured the game, including staff members cut out as figurines, rule cards for coin rugby rookies and an accompanying slide show that tied the game into the goals.

Buns and Bunnies

Idea for Shelley Naylor Realty
To show thanks to their valued clients during Easter, Shelley Naylor Realty wanted us to cook up something a little different.

We proposed the idea hot cross buns with their logo piped and baked on, the kind of personal touch, care and attention to detail that resonates with the Shelley Naylor approach to real estate.

To accompany the branded buns we created a clever Easter card that snapped between scenes of the Easter Bunny equally 'at home' in a rabbit hole and on the Shelley Naylor couch.

And for the record, the buns were delicious!

Using our collective intelligence

Idea for Collective Intelligence (CQ)
Collective Intelligence (CQ) is a membership-based community of professionals, entrepreneurs and business leaders from across New Zealand.

They have a clear vision and wonderful branding however one of their key tools (an introduction pack for new members) was very underwhelming.

We completely redesigned the pack to better resonate with the members. Transforming it into a slimline hardcover book with a subtly branded pen and notepad, and a clever sleeve to insert member information.

A Fresh Listing

Idea for Shelley Naylor
Real estate agents are experts at marketing homes — from the photography and web marketing to the finely honed-copy and face-to-face sales.

It can be easy for many agents to fall into a robotic rut. A ‘numbers game’. Not Shelley Naylor.

Shelley’s brand is constructed around something that comes naturally to her and her team: ‘real estate with personality’.

So, when Shelley Naylor wanted to hire a new staff member we took this ethos and applied it to the recruitment process. While most online recruitment ads blended together in a black and white muddle of targeted keywords, Shelley Naylor’s ad was eye catching, personal and, best of all, found the perfect candidate for the vacant position.

Success with Steve

Idea for Steve's Tyre Service
When you're competing against established brands one of your best assets as a small business owner is your personality.

Steve, of Steve’s Tyre Service, embraced our social media campaign idea to use him as a central, tongue-in-check character to market their services online.

We designed and managed a Facebook campaign featuring Steve’s bald head morphed into a tyre. The results were brilliant.

After only one month of a small budget campaign, the branded image had been seen by 20,176 people in the lower North Island, resulting in over 240 direct clicks to their website website and further direct enquiries about products through the Facebook page.

It seems Homer Simpson isn’t the only popular bald yellow guy.

Zero to camping in 30 seconds

Idea for Heatrite
When a great idea already exists it needs to have equally great marketing to make it spread.

Heatrite came to us with an awesome product to promote: The Oztent - a tent that can be erected in 30 seconds.

Through a targeted Facebook video campaign that showed the tent being erected in 30 seconds we delivered a set of results that were as impressive as the tent is:

100,000 views of the Oztent promotional video 211,000 eyeballs on the campaign overall 208% increase in traffic for Heatrite website