Get Paid for Selfies

Get Paid for Selfies

Meet Chicago firm Pay Your Selfie. The idea is simple - you take a selfie relevant to a set task and get a preset amount of credit every time you do it. Take $20 worth of selfies and they send you a cheque!

But there’s got to be a catch... right?

Well, you’re half-right. The ‘tasks’ that selfie-takers get money for are market-research oriented.


For example, while working with Pay Your Selfie, toothpaste brand Crest offered $1 for participants to take a selfie when brushing their teeth. Their research period ran for a month and uncovered some interesting information generally not revealed with traditional research methods (such as focus groups or surveys). As this New York Times article shares, their selfie research revealed that there’s a spike in teeth brushing between 4-6pm, indicating a desire for ‘happy-hour’ fresh breath.

It’s unclear whether Pay Your Selfie is available to Kiwis, but may well be worth a shot for all the Duckfacers, Goose-neck pros and filter-philes with an itch for some extra cash.