Three things we will miss about Tim

Three things we will miss about Tim

As he packs his bags for an adventure to the Good ‘Ol U-S-of-A, we reflect on 3 things we will miss about our very own window mannequin.

He never gives up

Whether this is taking 25 shots at our basketball hoop just to get one in, or scouring the depths of the internet to find the answer we are looking for, Tim is the kind of man you can alway rely on.  Unless he is on your team in the NBA Finals.

He loves making coffee

The only thing better than a ‘hot cup of joe’ is a hot cup of tim.  Not only does he make sure everything has brewed just right, he seems to have a knack for knowing just when the next drink is needed.  It’s either some kind of amazing sixth sense or he simply notices that we have half-fallen asleep at our keyboards.

His amazing use of language

If asked to write down what happened during your lunch break most people would pen that they walked with a friend to the dairy to get a pie.  Tim would scribe that he ‘went jaunting through suburbia with a cohort on a quest to line his stomach with a sweltering parcel of steak and cheese’.

We will miss you Tim.  About as much as you miss the basketball hoop.